Scott A. Boles, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
                                                                                                             Lic# PSY15930

Adult Psychotherapy

f you have not been able to resolve your personal problems on your own, therapy can provide an opportunity to explore, understand, and overcome them.

People commonly seek therapy for a variety of reasons that may include: feelings of loneliness, excessive worry, depression, anxiety,
 sexual difficulties, career frustrations, and perhaps most importantly, the desire to feel more fulfilled in relationships. 

My approach to therapy typically begins with us getting acquainted and understanding your reasons for seeking help. This process, which generally takes a few sessions, gives me an opportunity to learn about you as a person, to understand what you would like to accomplish in therapy, and to propose ways we can work together to achieve those goals.

During therapy, you will be encouraged to talk as openly as possible about your feelings, worries, and problems. My job will be to listen without judgment and actively help you identify patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating that underlie your difficulties.

Through our conversations, you will have an opportunity to understand yourself and others better, to change lifelong patterns that no longer work for you, and to develop
 new and more effective ways of coping with life's challenges.

At the end of therapy, you should be able to apply all that you have learned about yourself to your daily life, experience greater satisfaction in your relationships, and be freer to achieve your aspirations.
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